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There were plenty of patients buy dutas 0.5 mg line, and revenues were essentially guaran- teed by third-party payers. Competition had been minimized through gentlemen’s agreements among various healthcare providers. If providers did not overtly collude to carve up the patient market, they respected infor- mal boundaries set to reduce competition. They maintained monopolies or oligopolies in their market areas and evinced a product orientation. These factors contributed to the perception (and, in many cases, the reality) that marketing was an unnecessary activity for healthcare organi- zations. From the perspective of mainstream providers, physicians referred their patients to the hospital and insurance plans steered their enrollees to the facility. This mind-set perpetuated the impression that marketing was 36 arketing Health Services not needed and overlooked the important marketing tasks of physician- relationship development and health plan contract negotiation. No Knowledge of Marketing Few healthcare administrators in the past were schooled in the business aspects of healthcare, and fewer still had training or experience in market- ing. Many senior healthcare administrators had not received formal train- ing in their field, and those trained prior to the 1980s were not likely to have received much exposure to healthcare marketing. The almost total absence of marketing within healthcare provided no exposure for health- care executives, and the fact that their fellow administrators were similarly unenlightened with regard to marketing further underscored the lack of knowledge about marketing on the part of health professionals. Even if a healthcare administrator had some interest in marketing, until recently few sources of information related to the topic existed. Unlike in other fields, there have been few texts on the topic and a limited num- ber of models could be held up for emulation. Few administrators had an inclination to develop competency in marketing; as a result, few took the initiative to make themselves knowledgeable on the topic.

Range of motion exercises differ from stretching exercises in that the movement about the joint is not held for any specific length of time generic dutas 0.5mg line. Although range of motion is important, holding the stretch is significant, and patience is essential when doing the stretches. Exercising in a pool also may be extremely beneficial because the buoyancy of the water allows movements to be performed with less energy expenditure and more efficient use of many muscles. The pool temperature should be about 85 degrees; this may feel cold to some people, but warmer tempera- tures should be avoided because they produce fatigue. Colder tem- peratures can actually cause spasticity, thus the temperature of the pool is quite important. Many people with MS have a limited range of movement in at least some joints and muscles, and the key to managing spasticity 35 PART II • Managing MS Symptoms is to expand the number and kind of movements that can be per- formed. The key to managing spasticity is to expand the number and kind of movements that can be performed. Spasticity also may be reduced by the use of relaxation tech- niques that involve a combination of progressive tensing and relax- ing of individual muscles, accompanied by deep breathing tech- niques and imagery. MECHANICAL AIDS Specific devices sometimes are made for certain individuals to counteract spasticity and prevent what are termed contractures, in which the range of movement possible for a given joint becomes restricted as the result of spasticity. For example, a "toe spreader" or "finger spreader" is used to relax tightness in the feet and hands and to aid in mobility. Braces for the wrist, foot, and hand are used to maintain a natural position and to prevent limitations on move- ment and the development of deformities. MEDICATIONS Spasticity often is managed most effectively by medications (see table).

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Personal Sales Personal sales involves the oral presentation of promotional material in a conversation with one or more prospective purchasers for the purpose of making sales buy dutas 0.5mg otc. The process attempts to achieve mutually profitable economic exchanges between buyer and seller based on interpersonal contact and the seller’s persuasive communication of his or her product’s/service’s quali- ties and the benefits for the buyer. The personal selling mix could include sales presentations, sales meetings, incentive programs, distribution of sam- ples, and fairs and trade shows. Database Marketing Database marketing involves the establishment and exploitation of data on past and current customers, along with future prospects, structured to allow for implementation of effective marketing strategies. Database marketing can be used for any purpose that can benefit from access to customer information. These functions may include evaluating new prospects, cross-selling related products, launching new products to existing customers, identifying new distribution channels, building customer 84 arketing Health Services loyalty, converting occasional users to regular users, generating inquiries and follow-up sales, and establishing niche marketing initiatives. The database established for this purpose often provides the basis for cus- tomer relationship management and may be an integral part of an orga- nization’s call center. Direct Marketing Direct marketing is a form of marketing that targets specific groups or indi- viduals with specific characteristics and subsequently transmits promotional messages directly to them. These promotional activities may take the form of direct mail or telemarketing as well as other approaches aimed at spe- cific individuals. An advantage of direct marketing is that the message can be customized to meet the needs of target populations. Target Marketing Target marketing refers to marketing initiatives that focus on a market seg- ment to which an organization desires to offer goods or services. Target marketing stands in contrast to mass marketing, in which the promotional efforts are aimed at the total market.

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The arrival of grandchildren brought pure delight; the arrival of Parkinson’s brought frustration and sorrow dutas 0.5mg overnight delivery. When the time came to share the news, I received two very different mes- sages: Shout from the rooftops that you are a grandmother; keep quiet about the Parkinson’s. Everyone knew how much I had looked forward to being a grandmother, and soon they knew that I had attained that status. It’s about the grandpar- ent’s need to develop and enjoy that relationship, as well as to be open and honest with the grandchildren about Parkinson’s. Many people avoid discussing serious problems with children, problems such as an illness, a death in the family, or a change in family circumstances. They fear upsetting the children and, in a mistaken desire to protect them, delay such discussions "until the children are older. Today most psychologists support my position that children need to be told the truth (in an appropriate way) about circum- stances that arise. It’s easier to teach children positive attitudes in their early years than to change their attitudes when they are older. And it’s better to prevent the misinterpretations that develop when discussion is avoided. Children sense when something is being kept from them, and they are likely to build up in their minds whatever they imagine. In a recent instance, a seven-year-old whom we know was found crying while the adults in his family mourned the loss of a relative. When asked why he was crying, he said that he didn’t like to see everybody so sad.

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