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By C. Surus. Globe Institute of Technology.

With this system a communication rate of about seven items per minute can be obtained cheap 60 ml rumalaya liniment. When, for example, two items on the monitor are flickering with slightly different frequen- cies in the alpha/beta range, the SSVEP amplitude is enhanced, when the participants shift their gaze to the corresponding light source. The subject has to pay special attention to one of the flashing buttons in order to enhance the amplitude of the corresponding flicker frequency (SSVEP). The implantation of a special electrode into the outer layer of the neocortex allows us to record multiple unit activity in patients. This activity in form of spikes can be transformed into a pulse train and, in turn, can be used for cursor control and selection of letters or other items on a monitor. The type of feedback used in early experiments with the Graz BCI paradigm provided information of a correct versus an incorrect response, as deter- mined by the classifier, at the end of each trial. Further advances in feature extraction methods, such as the implementation of AAR algorithms,73 allow one to calculate the parameters concurrent to the data acquisition. In other words, it was possible to provide instantaneous, classifier-based feedback during defined time periods. This type of feedback indicates in real time how well two EEG patterns (representing, for example, two classes) can be discerned. Using such a continuous feedback system, a general enhancement of performance could be achieved. Data were recorded from the sensorimotor cortex (C3, C4) during imagined movements of the left (thin line) versus right (thick line) hand. The initial recordings without feedback (left panels) reveal a transient desynchronization (ERD) of the mu rhythm over the contralateral hemisphere starting with the cue presentation. Con- tinuously present feedback results in dramatic changes of the ERD/ERS patterns: both subjects show a clearly more pronounced difference between left and right motor imagery during feedback regulation.

Peripheral vision—Vision outside of the central vi- Electroretinogram—An instrument for measuring sion buy discount rumalaya liniment 60 ml on line. Pigmented retinal epithelium—The dark-colored Fluorescein angiography—A method that uses a cell layer that supports the retina. It may thin or be- fluorescent dye for photographing blood vessels of come detached with MD. Photodynamic therapy (PDT)—A therapy that uses Free radical—A reactive atom or molecule with an light-activated drugs to destroy rapidly-dividing unpaired electron. Retina—The nervous tissue membrane at the back of Flavonoids—A group of chemical compounds nat- the eye, opposite the lens, that receives visual im- urally found in certain fruits, vegetables, teas, ages and sends them to the brain via the optic nerve. Though not consid- Visual acuity—Visual sharpness and resolving abil- ered vitamins, they function nutritionally as bio- ity, usually measured by the ability to read num- logical response modifiers. Indocyanin green angiography—A sensitive Zeaxanthin—An antioxidant carotenoid that is the method for examining retinal blood vessels. Foods high in lutein and zeaxanthin include: • trans-fats consumption (4 gm versus 0. Healing the Eye the Natural Way: Alterna- Magnesium tive Medicine and Macular Degeneration. Living Well with Macular is a cation, which means that its ion has a positive Degeneration: Practical Tips and Essential Information. Of the cations in the human body, magnesium is New York: New American Library, 2001. The name of the element comes GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2 1267 from Magnesia, a city in Greece where large deposits of ly diuretics, cisplatin (a cancer medication), and a few magnesium carbonate were discovered in ancient times. The symptoms of hypomagnesemia include disturbances of the heart rhythm, muscle tremors or Magnesium is an important element in the body be- twitches, seizures, hyperactive reflexes, and occasional cause it activates or is involved in many basic processes personality changes (depression or agitation). This condition of painful intermittent muscle contractions and spasms is • activation of amino acids known as tetany. Hypomagnesemia can be treated with • synthesis and breakdown of DNA either oral or intravenous preparations containing mag- • neurotransmission nesium.

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