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H aving said that safe 17.5mg zestoretic, there are som e researchers who feel strongly that only the person m ost im m ersed in the fieldwork has genuine insight into the m eaning of the data; in other words, interpretation should not be "triangulated" by all and sundry sim ply to give a show of im proving validity. W e obviously cannot assess the credibility of qualitative results via the precision and accuracy of m easuring devices, nor their significance via confidence intervals and num bers needed to treat. It takes little m ore than plain com m on sense to determ ine whether the results are sensible and believable and whether they m atter in practice. One im portant aspect of the results section to check is whether the authors cite actual data. Claim s such as "G eneral practitioners did not usually recognise the value of audit" would be infinitely m ore credible if one or two verbatim quotes from the interviewees were reproduced to illustrate them. The results should be independently and objectively verifiable – after all, a subject either m ade a particular statem ent or (s)he did not – and all quotes and exam ples should be indexed so that they can be traced back to an identifiable subject and setting. A quantitative research paper, presented in standard IM RAD form at (see section 3. The reader should have no difficulty separating what the researchers found from what they think it means. In qualitative research, however, such a distinction is rarely possible since the results are by definition an interpretation of the data. It is therefore necessary, when assessing the validity of qualitative research, to ask whether the interpretation placed on the data accords with com m on sense and is relatively untainted with personal or cultural perspective. This can be a difficult exercise, because the language we use to describe things tends to im ply 175 H OW TO READ A PAPER m eanings and m otives which the subjects them selves m ay not share. Com pare, for exam ple, the two statem ents, "Three wom en went to the well to get water" and "Three wom en m et at the well and each was carrying a pitcher". It is becom ing a cliché that the conclusions of qualitative studies, like those of all research, should be "grounded in evidence"; that is, that they should flow from what the researchers found in the field. M ays and Pope suggest three useful questions for determ ining whether the conclusions of a qualitative study are valid. One of the m ost com m on criticism s of qualitative research is that the findings of any qualitative study pertain only to the lim ited setting in which they were obtained.

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Portable oxygen can improve exercise abnormal liver function tests suggest the possibility of capacity and quality of life in these patients cheap zestoretic 17.5 mg fast delivery. The chest radiograph usually shows an increase in interstitial markings and on serial films an associated progressive decrease in lung volume. Diag- Sleep complaints increase in the elderly, partly because nostic inferences may be made by correlating pleural of changes in central nervous system control of breath- changes or adenopathy. The sensitivity of brainstem receptors to relating to radiographic findings are beyond the scope of carbon dioxide and oxygen levels decreases with aging to this text; contemporary review articles are available. The resultant High-resolution computerized tomography (CT) of the reduction in ventilation can combine with an increase lung is of considerable value in determining the extent in upper airway resistance and lead to rises in the blood and severity of these interstitial disorders, although, like levels of carbon dioxide (PaCO2) and decreases in roentgenograms, it does not give an etiologic diagnosis— oxygen (PaO2) during sleep. Gallium scans are explain the increase in sleep disordered breathing that nonspecific, have serious problems of interobserver occurs with aging, with increasingly frequent apneic or variability, and are totally useless in evaluating these enti- hypopneic events being more common in older men than ties. If diagnosis cannot be achieved on the basis of a careful Pulmonary complications in the postoperative period history, physical examination, and consideration of the occur with increased frequency in older as compared to patient’s overall medical diagnoses, and if it appears younger patients, especially in those undergoing thoracic that lung biopsy will likely be useful in terms of manage- or upper abdominal procedures. Trans- evaluation, patient education, and postoperative man- bronchial biopsy with a fiberoptic bronchoscope (FOB) agement will decrease the risk of pulmonary complica- may be helpful and is safe in older patients, although the tions such as atelectasis, impaired gas exchange, and tissue sample size is usually quite limited and the ability infection. The elderly are at higher risk of complications, to achieve a firm diagnosis is disappointingly small in not because of age, but as a result of decreased pul- most series. Open lung biopsy with sampling of several monary and cardiovascular reserves associated with sites gives a higher probability of a definitive diagnosis, aging and an increased number of accompanying comor- although it carries a small (approximately 1%) risk of bidities. Congestive atelectasis is the predominant mortality and a 5% to 10% incidence of complications. Following thoracic or upper abdominal pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), leaving both the patient and procedures, it may take to 2 to 3 weeks for pulmonary physician unsatisfied.

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This system also contains myelin discount zestoretic 17.5 mg on line, although it is made by a different cell type than the oligo, a cell that does not appear to be affected by MS. Thus, although it is not uncommon to find leg or arm weakness in MS, the problem lies in the central conduction system (the brain and spinal cord), not in the peripheral nerves that lead from the spinal cord. The autonomic nervous system has two divisions, the sympa- thetic and the parasympathetic. These systems are responsible for automatic types of function such as the beating of your heart, per- spiration, etc. This system also contains myelin but, like the PNS, it is not directly affected by MS. Although MS directly affects only the CNS, the disease has indi- rect effects on other systems and their functions because all com- ponents of the nervous system communicate with each other. SYMPTOMS OF MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS The most common characteristics of MS include: • Onset most commonly is between the ages of 15 and 50 years. Because different areas of the brain and spinal cord are respon- sible for different kinds of movements and sensations, the neuro- logic deficit that results from an area of scarring depends on the exact location of the abnormality (lesion). For example, when an area of demyelination occurs in the cerebellum, the area of the brain that is responsible for making coordinated movements, such No two cases of MS are exactly alike, and symptoms vary considerably from one individual to another. Because symptoms depend on the location of the area of scarring, no two cases of MS are exactly alike, and symptoms vary considerably from one individual to another. In one person, the extent of MS symptoms might be mild disturbances of gait and vision, whereas another person might suffer a severe or complete sensory and motor loss. Just as some tumors are malignant and others are relatively benign, some people with MS may have severe disease, whereas others may experience only mild effects of the disease. To better understand individual variations and to develop appropriate management plans, MS often is divided into categories. This form of MS is characterized by clearly defined acute attacks, with either full recovery or some remaining neurologic signs/symptoms and residual deficit upon recovery. Over time the 7 PART I • The Disease and Its Management course may change and then the person moves into a dif- ferent category.

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There must be a flat surface on which to place the overhead once it has been used and another on the other side of the projector for the ones you are going to use; do not confuse them zestoretic 17.5mg line. Some people like to reveal the points on the overheads one by one by covering them up with a piece of paper. This is not necessary and is never done with slides • If you are going to show radiographs make sure that you have them in your possession (there is a great tendency for them to go missing) and that you have a functioning viewing box. The 15-minute talk Such talks are usually the remit of more senior members of the trainee staff such as specialist registrars. Talks of this duration are usually a research presentation to a society and you will have been one of the workers involved in the project. It would be unfair not to admit that these presentations cause more angst and stress than any other. Senior academic members of the profession will be present and you will be terrified that you might make a fool of yourself. But remember that you have been working in the field for some time and you will know the subject intimately. Conversely, of course, you are going to have to present your information in such a way that it is going to interest the vast majority of the audience who will only have a passing acquaintance 21 HOW TO PRESENT AT MEETINGS with the subject. Putting facts that you know well to a general audience requires considerable skill. There are a number of points to bear in mind when you have been chosen to give such a talk: • A research society will probably have rules, for example nothing must be read, know these rules. Selection of data is therefore vital and you must decide with your co-workers what you want to get across; this will probably be only one major point. Give enough information so that the audience knows how you did your measurements; things can be expanded during questions. In such a short talk you should use only your own original material and should not show slides of other people’s work to illustrate a point. This is often stressful and you might feel foolish, but it must be done, and done in the way in which you are going to deliver your definitive talk. The 45-minute talk These talks are usually given by the more senior members of the profession and are usually by invitation.

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